About the Studio

logoHermitage Art Studio is located in Toronto. For contact information visit contact page.

Hermitage Art Studio is run by Helen S. Rostmoff, professional artist from St. Petersburg with Russian Academia background and extensive experience in a variety of teaching methodologies, fine art techniques and disciplines. Among the many benefits of art education are such important life skills as creative thinking, articulating a vision, building self-confidence and self-discipline and accepting responsibility to complete projects from start to finish. Helen’s lessons always focus on brightening student’s natural talents in a fun and professional way.

Hermitage Art Studio is offering classes in:

-Classical Drawing
-Art Dolls
-Art History Fundamentals
-Portfolio Preparation for Art Schools and Colleges

At Hermitage Art Studio a number of programs are geared at students of different ages and levels.

Portfolio Preparation, serious students of all ages.

Hermitage Art Studio has successful experience in assisting students with portfolio preparation to their desired art programs in colleges and universities, admission to which often depends on the students having a well developed and versatile portfolio.

  • Focus may be on architecture, animation, fashion, fine art and graphic design work and portfolio must represent student’s skills and abilities and show that they have made their artwork seriously.
  • Visit Portfolio Preparation Page for more information.
  • 2 hours  – 30$

DSC_0816IMG_3312  IMG_0053 christina_sculpture DSC_0828

Visit Portfolio Preparation Gallery

Art Program for Ages 8-12.

  • Children will learn about composition, various art forms, effects of light and shadow, tonal contrast and using different media – watercolors, acrylic, india ink and charcoal.
  • They will get introduced to collages and printmaking techniques.
  • Advanced sculpting and art history are also part of this program.
  • 2 hours  – 30$

My art classes will help train fine motor skills of hands and fingers and improve attention span to build up confidence with many school projects.

8-12 IMG_0074 IMG_0072 IMG_0071 IMG_0052

Art Program for Ages 5-8.

  • During this course students will discover and explore different mediums such as oil pastels, acrylic paint and water color.
  • We will work on composition and color theory through a variety of exercises.
  • Students will also create three-dimensional objects using modelling clay, papier mache and plasticine.
  • 1 hour 30 minutes – 25$