In other news, Art Degrees are Paying Off

Here’s an interesting bit from Pacific Standard Magazine article on the benefits of Art Education published on October 17, 2014.

“Disputing the “gloomy myths around the value of an arts degree,” the report finds overall job satisfaction for people who have graduated with an arts degree over the past five years is quite high, at 75 percent. That figure is down only slightly from that of older graduates, 82 percent of whom say they are satisfied with their current job.

The study suggests universities and other institutes of higher learning are getting better at training arts graduates in the more practical aspects of pursuing their craft.

The report tracked 17,000 alumni who completed an undergraduate or graduate degree in the arts up to five years before being surveyed, along with 88,000 who earned degrees before that time. By far the biggest group of recent graduates—32 percent—earned a degree in fine and studio arts, including photography. Another 15 percent earned a degree in design, with nine percent earning theater and music degrees.”

More at Pacific Standard Magazine.


A lovely note from parents of a brand new Sheridan Animation program student!

Thank you card“Dear Helen,

We are immensely happy with our daughter’s success. It is your merit and we are grateful for it and thankful for your diligence, patience, for your work and skill! That is important! That is the road to adult life. Thank you for kindness and light!”

Borisov Family.

September 6, 2014, Toronto

“Уважаемая Лена!

Мы безмерно рады успехам нашей Кати! Это Ваша заслуга и мы это ценим и благодарны Вам за усердие, время, веру, за Ваш труд и мастерство! Это важно! Это дорога во взрослую жизнь. Спасибо Вам от всего сердца за добро и свет!”

Семья Борисовых.

Сентябрь 6, 2014, Торонто

Scholarship News

Great news, one of my portfolio preparation students wins a $3000 scholarship by entering an oil pastel still life created at the Hermitage Art Studio. Congratulations Polina!

“Helen’s art classes have benefited me tremendously. I have been attending them for three years and she has pushed me to be the best that I could be. I’ve achieved  artwork that I did not think was capable of creating.

With the knowledge I obtained from Helena’s visual arts classes, I felt ready to apply for a $3000 scholarship and with great astonishment I won it!” – Polina Vassilieva

Oil Pastel

Oil Pastel