Animation Portfolio 2014

A full portfolio prepared by my student for an animation program at one of Ontario’s leading Colleges this year. The student got accepted and is already working full force through her first semester.

Here are some of the works included:



A lovely note from parents of a brand new Sheridan Animation program student!

Thank you card“Dear Helen,

We are immensely happy with our daughter’s success. It is your merit and we are grateful for it and thankful for your diligence, patience, for your work and skill! That is important! That is the road to adult life. Thank you for kindness and light!”

Borisov Family.

September 6, 2014, Toronto

“Уважаемая Лена!

Мы безмерно рады успехам нашей Кати! Это Ваша заслуга и мы это ценим и благодарны Вам за усердие, время, веру, за Ваш труд и мастерство! Это важно! Это дорога во взрослую жизнь. Спасибо Вам от всего сердца за добро и свет!”

Семья Борисовых.

Сентябрь 6, 2014, Торонто